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Skip a payment. Keep the cash.

You deserve a break. Apply to skip your loan payment(s) and keep the cash.

Eligibility Requirements
Your account needs to be in good standing and the loan(s) must be current.
Once you make at least five consecutive payments, you can apply to skip a payment.
You must apply at least 3 business days prior to your payment due date.

Need extra cash in hand?

Skip-A-Pay allows you to defer up to 2 loan payments per year when life's unexpected challenges arise, giving you the financial flexibility you need. Apply online in minutes and pay a small fee of $25 per loan skipped.

*Skip-A-Pay Details

*A processing fee of $25 per loan and a one-month extension of normal loan payment(s) for the agreed upon month with regular payment(s) due the following month. Interest will continue to accrue during the extension period at the same rate(s) as the original contract(s) and the term or approximate repayment period of the loan will be extended due to this request. Application is subject to review and approval by Texas Tech Credit Union. Does not apply to real estate loans, lines of credit, or credit card loans.